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Whether you are a new professional, in the middle of a merger or have a challenging boss or colleague, this collection provides encouragement, wisdom and techniques for staying sane in the workplace.

Subtitle: How do you handle yourself in a frustrating workplace?

Gentleness on the job

Workplace Conflict

The power of an oft-forgotten fruit of the Spirit in the workplace

“Requirement for the job: must be a person characterised by gentleness”.

Chances are that’s a job description that you’ve never encountered before. On the contrary, a requirement of many workplaces today is that employees do the exact opposite. Offices run on people who refuse to take no for an answer, who throw their weight around, and so “get things done”. Gentleness in the workplace can seem entirely out of place.

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3 difficult people you work with and how to be Jesus to them

Workplace Conflict

The Underperformer, the Intimidator and the Micro-Manager

I’ve worked with a lot of great people over the years. However if we’re speaking of difficult people, then I could say there have been three “types”.

The first ”type” is the Underperformer. They just don’t pull their weight. There’s always a reason why something just isn’t done. They are difficult to work with because they waste my time, either I’m waiting for them to give me a piece of work or I end up doing the work they should have done. Either way, they put me in the deadline firing line.

Headstart - Untapped #3: Making the most of corporate trauma

Workplace Conflict

The ever multi-talented, multi-functional, multi-positional "I'm pretty sure she is a transformer in disguise" Jane writes our match summary of Untapped #3: Making the most of corporate trauma. Normally, you will find Jane at Headstart doing pretty much everything you don't see to make it happen every Monday but we get to see what she saw and heard when two Headstarters were interviewed about corporate trauma and another Headstarter gave the talk!

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Ep 136: How do I handle difficult colleagues?

How can I handle a workplace bully and offer radical wisdom to respond?

Difficult colleagues are one of the biggest reasons people change jobs in Australia. How can I handle a workplace bully? Hear a story of someone who experienced an extraordinarily difficult colleague and offers radical wisdom to respond.

The secret to workplace communication: Radical candour?

Workplace Conflict

Communication is regularly cited as one of people's biggest frustrations in the workplace. How can we do it better?

Kim Scott is a best-selling author and communicator, but that hasn’t always been the case. After making a presentation to senior management at Google she was pulled aside by one executive and given fairly direct feedback. After first offering some positive feedback, the executive told Scott plainly that she said “um” too often. “You are one of the smartest people I know, but saying ‘um’ so much makes you sound stupid”.

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Ep 31: Frustration: I am frustrated at work

Find something more at work

Why is work so frustrating? In this episode of Logos Live, guest host Andrew Laird discusses the frustrations of work with Kara Martin (Ridley Marketplace Institute). They talk about why work is frustrating, how work is frustrating, and the failure of the ways we often seek to overcome these frustrations. This episode offers a realistic appraisal of work and some hope for overcoming this frustration.