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Prayer teams

Prayer, fellowship and resourcing for small groups of Christians

During the Covid-19 emergency, our teams aren't meeting in the flesh but continue to meet in the cloud. Contact one of our team to learn how.

You spend the vast majority of your waking hours at work and it’s one of the primary places you live out your Christian life in front of others. Joining with other Christians in or near your workplace can provide the encouragement, fellowship and prayer needed to help you be Jesus’ ambassador at work.

An Evangelistic Prayer Team (EPT) is made up of a small group of people meeting once a week or fortnight to pray. EPTs focus on growing a passion for those who haven’t yet had the chance to hear or haven’t yet understood the great news of Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Please contact our team for further information.

Wed 12.30pm
Gizmos cafe
Ground Floor, Worgan St, Discovery House, Woden
Wed 8.00am
Coffee Guru
76 Athllon Drive, Greenway
Tue 7.30am
Parliament House
Parliament Dr, Canberra
Mon 12.40pm
St Andrew Presbyterian
1 State Circle, Forrest
Thu 12.40pm
23 Marcus Clarke St, Canberra
Thu 12.40pm
The City Labor Club
16 Petrie Plaza, Canberra
Tue 12.30pm
Calvary Hospital
4 Mary Potter Circuit, Bruce
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
1 Thynne St, Bruce
EPT Belconnen ABS
Tue 12.30pm
Calypso Cafe
45 Benjamin Way, Belconnen
Mon 12.40pm
Rose Garden OPH
18 King George Terrace, Parkes

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