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Third Space Ministry

Connecting the church with contemporary culture

Third Space is a new initiative of City Bible Forum. But what is it? Why is it necessary and how could we help you?

As the gap between our atheistic culture and church continues to widen, we need a 'third space' where the curious and the Christian alike can interact and discuss, without fear or intimidation.

Third Space exists to support Christians and churches in navigating the cultural divide with the aim of communicating the good news of Jesus in accessible, meaningful and creative ways.

Our team is available to both model and train church leaders and church members in effective cultural engagement.

Please contact David Robertson or one of our team for further information.


Resources & Support

Browse our website for resources such as podcasts, video, blogs, downloads and more. We encourage Bible reading one-to-one and in a group and provide resources and support to help people do this. All the content on our website is designed to engage the curious and the unbeliever. Resources to support Christians and churches will be available here.


Our team are experienced communicators and will be available to proclaim the gospel and help train the church. We will also seek to be a bridge between the secular and Christian media. Other speakers such as Sam Chan and Al Stewart are also part of the speaking team. Speakers can be engaged in a variety of settings from cafes to churches, conferences to cinemas.

Consultancy & Training

Third Space not only models evangelism, we train and help others to do the same. Our aim is to provide conferences and consultancy for church members, local evangelists and professional speakers. Together we will explore new third spaces, emphasise distinctive Christian living, equip speakers and pastors and provide a fellowship for evangelists.