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Special events in Adelaide

Join us as we explore the bigger questions of life, faith and culture in Adelaide

City Bible Forum has been operating in Adelaide since 2007. We have seen exciting growth in the number of people joining with us to explore the bigger questions of life, faith and purpose.

Each year we host a few high-quality events for city workers. These have included public forums, panel discussions, special events with high profile speakers, small networking groups, special film screenings, training and more. We collaborate with companies, educational and faith-based institutions and others to connect with people in and around their workplaces.

Our events provide plenty of opportunity to enjoy South Australia's culinary delights - all are welcome to come sample the good things in life!

Please contact Craig Broman for further information.
Cronies & Chronicles Special Edition
The Astor Hotel,
437 Pulteney Street, Adelaide
2019 Celebration Dinner: Courageous Conversations
Cnr South Tce & Peacock Rd, ADELAIDE

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