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Videos of Lennox released

Do science and God mix?
23 Sep 2014
Videos from Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth are now available

Lennox event sells out

Do science and God mix?
29 Jul 2014
The Adelaide event has sold out

Windows to Easter art exhibition

Special events in Adelaide
28 Apr 2014
"Windows to Easter" is an art exhibition being staged in vacant windows along James Place in Adelaide's CBD

We're excited about 2014!

Special events in Adelaide
15 Feb 2014
Find out about some of the fantastic events we have planned for 2014

Text or turn up?

16 Dec 2013
God doesn't remotely communicate with us; at the first Christmas he didn't text, post or tweet - he turned up!
Kate Bracks Master chef winner shares a laugh with Brenton Ragless

Food, glorious FOOD!

28 Jun 2013
On Thursday 20th June, Kate Bracks, Masterchef 2011, cooked up a storm at the Goodwood Institute for around 200 people

When History Split: The account of the birth of Jesus

22 Feb 2013
Our latest reading guide takes you through the birth of history's most famous man

The Week that Changed the World

7 Feb 2013
Read the original story of Easter recently? The Easter Reading Challenge is on again with our popular reading guide

Making sense of the Floods

30 Jan 2013
How do we make sense of total loss of property, livelihood and life?

The Easter Reading Challenge is on!!

22 Jan 2013
We're challenging you to read the Easter story this Easter!