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Getting a Headstart during the pandemic

Why I needed Headstart this year

Getting a Headstart during the pandemic

Sun 4 Oct 2020
Why I needed Headstart this year

Madeleine is a young worker, engineer and part of the Headstart leadership team. As you will see, her engineering tendencies run deep but so does her infectious laugh and enthusiasm (we forgive the former because of the latter *smirk*). With much laughter, I interviewed Maddy about the upcoming Headstart term and why she keeps coming back. You can sign up for Headstart's next term RAW: UNMUTE here.

Thanks for giving me the time. So, tell us - what have you been up to between the Headstart terms?

Yeah so I probably spent a bit too long re-organising my room. I even did up a scale PowerPoint slide with little boxes to make sure everything fit and did several versions to optimise the space. I have a bit too much fun organising.

I also organised to watch the recording of the Edge's Let Justice Roll Down talk with some other Christians I work with during a lunch break and we have invited some non-Christian colleagues. We kept it to a smaller group under 6 so people can have more room to speak freely.

2. WOW - that’s amazing, especially hearing about that small group at work! What an opportunity!! Now, you were part of Headstart community last year, why are you back aginthis year?

I really love being a part of Headstart (don't worry Mark and Grace did not tell me to say that). When I first started working full time I moved from Brisbane and having a group of people who were starting so many things like moving and work for the first time was so encouraging. I have been encouraged and learnt how to do all these things as a believer, relying on God and being bold in the workplace through City Bible Forum.

I guess I wanted to come back this year to continue being built up but also to build others with the little experience I have. Headstart really is a group that is run by young workers for young workers. Also, I have so much fun. Probably one of my favourite things to do is make fun of Mark (he soooooo does not look 20).

This year has been pretty tough and overwhelming for me like it would be for many. Feeling isolated, alone and directionless at work. I found myself really needing solid community and teaching that was relevant to what was going on around me at work. Headstart really filled this need.

Last year, I came to Headstart because it was fun. This year, I really needed Headstart to fill me.

3. You are also on the Leadership Team for Headstart. What does that involve and what are you looking forward to next term?

Even though it has been such a tough and unpredictable year with COVID-19 I have just been blown away with the amount of people who are a part of Headstart from all different states and overseas. We in the leadership team have been praying that this transition to online would not badly impact the group and God has really answered our prayers as we have had more people join than ever. Of course, it is not the same as meeting in person but I look forward to connecting and praying in breakout rooms over zoom with other young workers and listening to relevant topics that challenge me.

I am really excited for term 4 as the theme is RAW: UNMUTE. I am always up for discussing controversial topics and being challenged to think deeply about the conversations with others that we tend to avoid because they are awkward or uncomfortable.

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