2018 Overview | City Bible Forum Plus
A bird's-eye view of our activities in 2018

1. Workplace prayer teams across Canberra

From January to December a growing number of workers from different churches are gathering to pray for their workplace and coworkers! Join Christians meeting fortnightly before work or over lunch. Meet in Belconnen, Civic, Barton, Forrest, Woden, Tuggeranong, ... or why not start a new team?

2. Grads Welcome Brunch

February is the time for us to welcome all grads and newish workers to Canberra. Come and help coworkers get connected and be encouraged that you are part of something bigger. More details here.

3. Welcome to the Jungle

Enjoy some much needed input for navigating today’s changing landscape from this year’s guest speaker, Al Stewart. Many commented how helpful they found Al last October on “Treading lightly in an ever changing world”. Monday 5 March. More details here.

4. Dr Sam Chan visits Canberra

Sam will be speaking at various events 19-21 April intended for believers and non-believers alike. He is a cultural analyst, ethicist and medical doctor with a keen eye for the lighter side of things. :) Here is a taste of Canberra’s first encounter with Sam. Discover more on Sam’s blog, espresso theology. We will begin with: How to survive the daily grind and How to find extraordinary pleasure.

5. CBF training conference (Sydney)

This is a training conference for all City Bible Forum staff workers with some spare places reserved for others. People like Sam Chan and other guest speakers are chosen for specific input. And it’s for free! (travel costs only). We begin with dinner Sunday 29 April, and end with breakfast Wednesday 2 May.

6. Australian National Prayer Breakfast

Join us on May 29 for a unique opportunity to encourage our Christian brothers and sisters in Parliament as they serve this great nation. We will be hearing from various Members and Senators and our special guest speaker, Os Guinness. Why not organise a table for your church? More details to follow. (This is an event of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship for which CBF is the silent organiser.)

7. Os Guinness

On the afternoon of the National Prayer Breakfast, May 29, we will have the privilege of engaging further with Os Guinness. He is an exceptional speaker, author, social critic & great-great-great grandson of Arthur Guinness, the Dublin brewer! More details here.

8. EPTs Canberra-wide gathering

July is a great time to reconnect across Canberra and hear how the Lord has been answering our prayers! Details to come.

9. City Bible Forum featured at Canberra Women’s Christian Convention

City Bible Forum is the 2018 mission focus for Revive, Canberra Women’s Christian Convention, 15 Sept. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for spiritual refreshment through Ezekiel 36 & 37, and practical seminars like “The three difficult people you have to work with and how to be Jesus to them.” (Caroline Spencer, CBF Sydney). More details here.

10. For the Love of God - How the church is BETTER + WORSE than you ever imagined

September 18. This documentary gem from the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX) will be shown in a local cinema with live Q&A including film makers John Dickson and Natasha Moore. In the film Justine Toh, Simon Smart & John Dickson address the worst of what Christians have done, but also trace the origins of Western values like human rights, charity, humility, and non-violence back to the influence of Jesus. More details here. CBF is thrilled to be partnering with CPX for this event.

11. Religious Freedom: Unity & Diversity - Symposium with Q&A

The Religious Freedom Review chaired by the Hon. Philip Ruddock delivered its report to the former Prime Minister, the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, on May 18, 2018. Anticipating the release of this report, a panel, co-convened by the City Bible Forum, St Mark's National Theological Centre and the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, will bring together a group of experts representing various religious convictions and none to explore issues relating to religious liberty, including belief; education; teaching and preaching; and medicine and social services. We want to discuss the ability of all Australians to live according to their religious convictions in both their professional lives and the wider public square, and to contribute to the common good. Wednesday 24 Oct 6.30pm. More details here.

12. Reel Dialogue

Similar to 2017, we expect further opportunities to host free pre-screenings in local cinemas, often with panel discussions, such as for Hacksaw Ridge. Reel Dialogue facilitates engaging with culture without disengaging crucial questions of faith and life. These pre-screenings are by nature very short notice events, e.g. Mary Magdalene, so do contact us to join the mail list if you wish to avoid disappointment!

13. End of year BBQs for prayer teams

November is the perfect time to come together and reflect on God’s blessings over the year and how we can follow Christ better in 2019! Contact us for details related to your closest workplace prayer team.