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God in Film Bible Studies - Leaders notes

The Basics

God in Film Bible Studies - Leaders notes

Thu 5 Nov 2020
The Basics
Film and TV
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This is the practical guide for running a movie discussion group.

This study is intended as a guide for those teaching an adult study group, for youth workers leading discussions after viewing movies with students, for those wanting to begin a neighbourhood discussion group for Christians and non-Christians alike, or for those wanting help in how to use film clips and Scripture to focus a group’s meditation and prayer. These studies are also meant as a resource for church leaders and pastors who would like to use film clips and stories in their speaking, teaching, and preaching.

Download the instructions then follow these three simple steps:

  1. Get friends, family or work colleagues together to watch one of the films
  2. Download the Reel Dialogue discussion guide and study
  3. Read through the questions and suggested biblical text together - Enjoy the film and then enjoy some Reel Dialogue

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