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Jungle Beat: The Movie Discussion Guide

Fun family movie and discussion

Jungle Beat: The Movie Discussion Guide

Sun Jun 21st, 2020
Fun family movie and discussion
Film and TV
Hugs, friendship, family, film, Reel Dialogue
Bible reference(s): John 15:13, Matthew 7:7

Discussion guide for a family movie night: Enjoy the film. Afterwards, here are some discussion questions that might help you to engage with your kids about the film.

Enjoy the time engaging with the film, your faith, friends and family.

Jungle Beat: The Movie review

What parents should know about Jungle Beat: The Movie

Parents and guardians have little to be worried about with Jungle Beat: The Movie. By maintaining the instructional object lessons from the show, children will be encouraged to build better friendships, ask for help and see the value in getting hugs from friends and family. If you are hoping for ground-breaking cinema, that is asking too much of this film. The adventures with Munki and friends is meant to be a safe and entertaining option for those with little children. Who knows, children and adults may even learn something in the process.

Check out the discussion guide for theat family fun night.

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