Big Ideas book club | City Bible Forum Plus

The Big Ideas book club is an innovation in Perth.

Daniel Midgley is an atheist blogger, and is active with the UWA Atheist and Skeptic Society. Paul Whitfield is a Christian, and works with City Bible Forum. They've teamed up for a new sort of book club which tackles issues surrounding theism, science, faith, doubt, reason, and the universe.

The group is reading through two books: John by the apostle of the same name and You are not so smart by David McRaney.

Big Ideas gets together on the third Thursday evening of every month. No prior knowledge needed and all faith standpoints are welcome.

If you'd like to come please contact Paul.

We think it's challenging and stimulating. If you have views but are open to others, and you like discussing, questioning and thinking then we'd love to see you there!