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Bible Shots

Weekly Bible talks in the Sydney CBD

Tuesday lunchtimes
St Andrews Cathedral
Cnr of George and Bathurst Streets
Wednesday lunchtimes
12:20-12:50pm and 1:10-1:40pm
Scots Presbyterian church
44 Margaret St

Due to Coronavirus our regular meetings have been replaced with a livestream that runs Wednesday Lunchtime from 1:10pm - 1:40pm.

We would love you to join us. Please contact Lachlan if you are interested in joining us so we can arrange for meeting details to be sent.

Throughout history, the songbook of the Bible (Psalms) has resonated with people from many different backgrounds. The Psalms have proven to be a source of strength, encouragement and comfort to millions of people as they grapple with the bigger questions of life, addressing almost every conceivable circumstance one could face. The Psalms are some of the greatest songs in history. Join us at Bible Shots as we grapple with a selection of these ancient songs and consider some of the bigger questions that they touch on.

City Bible Forum hosts regular lunchtime talks to help you understand what the Bible has to say about issues relevant to your life. You’ll have the chance to hear from a wide variety of highly experienced and knowledgeable theologians on various sections of the Bible. No prior knowledge is required and people from all faiths and backgrounds are warmly welcomed. Hear a short talk, ask questions and meet others seeking to deepen their relationship with Jesus, or extend their knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith.

Please contact Lachlan Orr for further information.
Scots Presbyterian church
44 Margaret St, Sydney
St Andrews Cathedral
Cnr of George and Bathurst Streets, Sydney
Upcoming talks





What would Jesus say to ...

February 4/5

... the undervalued?

Mark 10:13-16

Sam Chan

February 11/12

... the high achiever?

Mark 10:17-31

Sam Chan

February 18/19

... the leader?

Mark 10:35-45

Sam Chan

February 25/26

... the calm & sensible?

Mark 10:46-52

Sam Chan

Songs of the Heart

March 3/4

Why am I depressed?

Psalm 42

David Robertson

March 10/11

Is there joy that lasts?

Psalm 126

Lachlan Orr

March 17/18

Bigger Questions


Robert Martin & Guest

March 25

Why do I worry?

Psalm 37

David Robertson

April 1

Why is there injustice?

Psalm 58

David Robertson

April 8

How bad can isolation get?

Psalm 22

Lachlan Orr

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