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Thursday breakfasts
7.30-8.20am. You can order your breakfast beforehand
Silks Cafe
170 Phillip St
We meet at the back of the cafe

The best Q&A in the city? Join with other legal professionals in this weekly early morning forum to hear what the Bible has to say about the bigger questions of life. Listen to a brief talk from the likes of Dr Sam Chan, Al Stewart, Dr Peter Jensen and Kanishka Raffel with an opportunity to ask questions in the convivial atmosphere of Silks Cafe.

The content and timing of these talks are designed to help sharp legal minds consider these questions. City Legal is held weekly (except school holidays). Free Public talks. No RSVP required.

Please contact Peter Wrench for further information.


Where Freedom Begins
Silks coffee lounge, 170 Phillip St, Sydney
Silks Cafe
170 Phillip St, Sydney
We meet at the back of the cafe
Upcoming talks



May 9

What's the point when life's just eat, sleep, work, repeat?

May 16

What's the point when good things never seem to last very long?

May 23

What's the point when I never have enough money?

May 30

What's the point when my calendar is full but I'm running on empty?

June 6

What's the point when I have anxiety about everything I can't control?

June 13

What's the point when life is just a series of Facebook memories?

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