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In house

Join or start a Christian group inside your company

Would you like to join a group or attend an event designed to connect you with other Christians in your organisation? Or would you like City Bible Forum help you to set up a group or run an event at your company?

City Bible Forum works with numerous companies and organisations who have realised the significant value of supporting their employees through opportunities to grow in other life domains. We can help you run a one-off event with guest speakers to introduce your colleagues to the life and teachings of Jesus. We can also help you run a short course over a period of weeks. Companies we work with include Westpac, Macquarie Bank, Pacific Equity Partners, LendLease, Mission Australia and many more!

Please contact Craig Josling for further information.


Do you believe in Christmas miracles? (Barangaroo)
Lendlease. Level 13 (via Level 14 then down stairs)
Tower 3, International Towers, Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney