Word on the street | City Bible Forum Plus

When Arthur Stace famously wrote the word "Eternity" on Sydney streets, he gave passers by an opportunity to reflect on the bigger questions of life. What is eternal? What lasts? How do I find true value and meaning?

Word on the street is a program that asks people "the bigger questions". But not using chalk!

We simply approach people and ask them what they think about the big questions of life, death and God. Being Christians, we naturally encourage people to find the "big answers" in Jesus, but we're fascinated by all the ways people try to find meaning.

Did you know ...

  • If we approached 7 people, we would expect to have good conversations with 4 of them. Only 1 would say "No, I don't want to chat"!
  • If we approached 100 people, we would expect 1 of those people to give us their details so we can meet again

If you want to join us we can offer ...

  • A chance to give it a go as an observer
  • "On the job" training in chatting about God
  • A community of like-minded people
  • Targeted training
    • Improving conversational skills
    • Reading the Bible with someone
Please contact Barry Allan for further information.