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A Christian Take on Politics 1

‘Don’t mention the war…’

A Christian Take on Politics 1

Thu 18 Jun 2020
‘Don’t mention the war…’
Society, Politics and economics
religious freedom, injustice
Bible reference(s): Psalm 2:1-12

Hot on the heels of the pandemic has been a political crisis centred on racial injustice. The problems seem deeper than that though. Politics has been polarised and even toxic for some time. With mass protests and civil unrest throughout the US and Europe, there are signs that people are losing faith in the rule of law and the democratic process. Many want to do whatever it takes to break with the injustices of the past. Statues are falling. Police forces are being sacked. Episodes of Fawlty Towers are being pulled off the TV(!) and Churchill’s photo mysteriously removed from Google. In the middle of all this chaos is there something that Christians can helpfully say? Is there teaching from the Bible that helps us think about how to live at peace with those who have different beliefs? Hear Michael Kellahan, the Executive Director of Freedom for Faith tackle these questions at City Legal

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