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What is humanity?

God in the dock

What is humanity?

Thu 4 Jun 2020
God in the dock
Suffering, sin and evil, Wisdom and prophecy
Humanity, hope
Bible reference(s): Job 14-15

‘My breath is offensive to my wife’ – so lamented Job as he suffered miserably. We’re told that he sat amongst the ashes and scraped the itching, painful sores that afflicted him from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. We know that his suffering included loss of weight, fever, nightmares and sleeplessness, elephantiasis, aching, rotten bones, depression, putrid breath and failing vision. When his friends saw him from a distance they simply sat down and wept. So in the depths of misery is there any hope for humanity? Join us at City Legal as David Robertson ponders Job’s extraordinary exclamation: ‘I know that after my skin has been destroyed yet in my flesh I will see God’.

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