Bible Shots 1st Quarter 2019 | City Bible Forum Plus

Bible Shots 1st Quarter 2019

Weekly lunch time Bible talks in Sydney CBD

City Bible Forum is running two short series of Bible talks from February to April 2019

1st Series: Feb 12/13 - Mar 5/6 What would Jesus say to you?

2nd Series: Mar 12/13 - Apr 2/3 He said what?

Have you noticed that people like stories? More specifically, we like stories that are surprising. More often than not, it is the shocking, confronting and gritty stories that become fan favourites. They push the envelope and leave us thinking 'I can't believe that is what happened!'

Jesus often taught using stories. They were stories people found surprising. They made people ask: "He said what?" Even today Jesus' stories are not just thought provoking, they are shocking, confronting and scandalous. Join us us at Bible Shots as we consider several of the stories Jesus told and what they say to us today.

Our speaker for this series is Peter Jensen. Peter has taught about Jesus all over the world to people from all walks of life. Peter is a former Archbishop of the Anglican diocese of Sydney, principal of Moore Theological College and delights in teaching people about Jesus.