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What would Jesus say to ...

Finished on 28 Feb 2019, 7.30am-8.15am
Where Silks coffee lounge, 170 Phillip St Sydney


The biographies of Jesus record him talking to people in all kinds of situations. From the lonely and excluded to diligent workers and people who look like they have it all, Jesus had something to tell them. In this series of talks we will consider what God has to say to us today by looking at what Jesus said to people of his day.

Join us at City Legal as Sam Chan helps us meet the Jesus of the Bible – and discover the freedom, meaning, and hope that he offers.

A double doctor, Sam completed his medical training in Sydney before heading to the US to study a PhD in theology.

Just like you, Sam senses that our world has changed - we own more things, are more busy, but are less happy. Sam loves helping people rediscover the joy that comes from faith, spirituality, and the Christian tradition. But he also knows that Australians don’t want to be too serious. That’s why Sam has discovered humorous ways to talk about the important issues in life.

Please contact Peter Wrench for further information.
14 FebWhat would Jesus say to the isolated and lonely?
21 FebWhat would Jesus say to the one who has it all?
28 FebWhat would Jesus say to the outsider?