What's the point? | City Bible Forum Plus
Finished on 13 Jun 2019, 7.20am-8.20am



Doesn't it seem like everyone is busy, all the time?

We pack our days with our long lists of to do's, whether it's waking up at 4am to feed baby, eating at your desk at 1pm to get through a few more emails, or staying up until midnight to finish the latest binge-worthy Netflix show. For some, life is an exhilarating chase of everything our city and this world has to offer. For others, life can be a monotonous daily cycle, as unending (and depressing) as our Instagram feed. Either way, the FOMO can be very real, and anxiety-inducing.

With life's dramas of late work nights and late bill payments, business plans and diet plans, Facebook likes and face-to-face fights -- it begs the question, "What's the point?"

In this new series, Al Stewart will help us to unpack our everyday struggles and how we find meaning amidst the chaos.

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May 9What's the point when life's just eat, sleep, work, repeat?
May 16What's the point when good things never seem to last very long?
May 23What's the point when I never have enough money?
May 30What's the point when my calendar is full but I'm running on empty?
June 6What's the point when I have anxiety about everything I can't control?
June 13What's the point when life is just a series of Facebook memories?