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'A Sexular Age': When the Good News Isn't Just Bad, but Dangerous

An evening with Steve McAlpine to talk evangelism, apologetics and culture. Event will be made available as an interactive live-stream. Register to received the live-stream URL.

19 Mar 2020, 7.30pm-9.30pm
$20 tickets

Marketplace Talk with Steve McAlpine

*Now available as a livestream event

It feels more hostile for Christians in the public square. We're no longer seen as part of the solution to our culture's problems, but part of the problem itself.  Much of that revolves around ethical issues such as the Christian understanding of marriage and sex.  How do we navigate this space in our culture both faithfully and lovingly, where there is so much pressure to affirm what we believe is a futile search for ultimate meaning and fulfilment?

Marketplace Talk is an ongoing series of interactive workshops designed to help Christians navigate contemporary issues relating to culture, evangelism and apologetics. The aim is for them to be highly practical and relevant for Christians from all walks of life as they seek to share their faith in their own unique context.

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