Hobart Partnership Dinner 2020 | City Bible Forum Plus

Hobart Partnership Dinner 2020

Hear about the challenges we're facing, the opportunities we're chasing, the stories we're excited about, and how you can support our work in Hobart and beyond.

13 Mar 2021, 6pm-8.30pm


The vision of City Bible Forum is to help workers to share the gospel with colleagues with thoughtfulness and sensitivity. We create prayer groups so Christian workers in similar professions or environments can pray for their colleagues, encourage each other, and reach their workplaces with the Good News.

We want more Christians to see that prayer can make the daunting task of evangelising colleagues possible, to catch our vision of a Hobart transformed by prayer, and be a part of it.

What? Formal dinner with special guests City Bible Forum National Board Chairman  and former CEO of Bible Society Australia Greg Clarke (via livelink) and Bishop of Tasmania, The Right Revd Dr Richard Condie.

Where? C3 Convention Centre, 64 Anglesea Street, South Hobart.

How much? We're so keen to share our vision with you and show you hospitality that we've asked existing supporters to cover the costs of the evening.

What's the catch? No catch! We are hoping that the evening will inspire you to partner with us and support us, but there's absolutely no obligation to do so - in fact, we don't want people to give us money out of obligation, we want them to give out of enthusiasm.

What's the dress code? We're going for a formal vibe, eg. collared shirts rather than t-shirts, shoes rather than slip-ons, regular glasses rather than novelty ones.

Please contact Wilbur Longbottom for further information.