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The Word One to One with Richard Borgonon (Central)

Richard Borgonon, the co-author of The Word One to One, explains what, why and how to get started the W121.

9 Mar 2020, 12.30pm-1.20pm

Free tickets

Free tickets

It's getting harder and harder to invite people to church, or to an evangelistic course. Rarely will someone hear a call to repent and believe in Jesus in one sitting. People do not know enough about Jesus to make up their minds, they need a lot more time engaging with Jesus before they can say yes to a course. How can Christians help their friends meet Jesus in a meaningful way?

The Word one-to-one is an excellent way to help your friend meet Jesus in the pages of the Bible. Learn from its co-creator, Richard Borgonon, how to best use this fantastic resource.

Please contact Martin Chung for further information.


Other details

No cost (but please register to let us know you and your guests are coming).

The event is BYO food and drink.

Please arrive in the foyer by 12:25am and sign in as the guest of Samuel Tsang (m-0423 943 818). Someone Samuel organises will then escort you up to Level 1.