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Worker's Toolbox Training: The ladder to climb in 2020

The ladder to climb in 2020: From first conversation to reading the Bible together. Practical ways to engage with colleagues and friends beginning with where they are at.

26 Feb 2020, 5.45pm-7.15pm


$ 8

This training is practical and simple, liberating and empowering in the way that it gives us a framework for evangelism without being prescriptive, nor producing unrealistic expectations. The content follows a ladder analogy in building towards the goal of people giving their life to Jesus. What comes next is wisely informed by what we currently know. Over three sessions in 2020 we will cover the entire ladder. The first session will cover the foundational ‘rungs’ of...


1)Personal Conversations;
2)Knows I’m a Christian; and
3) Socialising.

Ticket price includes light refreshments on arrival

Please contact Belinda Phillips for further information.