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The Post-COVID Workplace

How to be salt and light in “the new normal”

29 Jul 2020


$ 10

It’s been described as “the biggest shake-up of the workplace since World War II”. What many workplaces have, and are continuing to go through, in the wake of COVID-19 is unprecedented. As entire businesses were forced to work from home, we had to radically rethink how and where and what we did for work.

Now as many are beginning to return to “the new normal” many questions remain unanswered. Much uncertainty still remains. What of the COVID-era should stay and what should go?

It’s into this situation that Christians have a powerful opportunity to be salt and light, as we add our voices to the shaping of the post-COVID workplace. Join us as we consider three key principles that should guide us in this season. Featuring teaching from Andrew Laird (Life@Work National Manager), plus interviews with workers.

This event will be live-streamed. Register for all the details. The ticket price for this event is to assist us in covering production costs. (If your employment has been impacted by COVID and the cost is prohibitive to you attending please let us know so that we can assist).

Please contact Andrew Laird for further information.