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Under pressure @ Trinity

The blessing of facing the squeeze in the workplace

20 Feb 2021


Ticket + Morning Tea
$ 45

“Tremendous pressure leads to a tremendous explosion” (Ice Age: Collision Course)

Over the last 12 months many of us have faced tremendous pressure. The pressure of lockdowns. Pressure on relationships. And pressures transitioning to an emerging and increasingly virtual workplace. We’ve been under pressure.

Plus many of us continue to face pressure in the workplace because of our Christian faith. When it collides with company ethics and policy. When it collides with the worldview of our colleagues.

But while too much pressure can lead to “a tremendous explosion”, the right amount of pressure can actually be a good thing. Just like a ball which needs to be filled with the right amount of pressure to work, so too being squeezed can be a blessing both for our own Christian walk, and our witness.

So join us at Life@Work Conference 2021 as we bring together the best in workplace experience, theological thoughtfulness and pastoral care to explore what that might mean for us in our "new normal." To discover how to both survive and thrive as a Christian in your daily work, and bless those around you. To consider the blessing of facing the squeeze in the workplace.

Your $45 ticket covers the conference $28 plus $17 to cover the venue costs and catering

Please contact Andrew Laird for further information.


Program and line-up

Keynote speakers

Eddie Woo

Dr Jenny George


Bible teaching

Steve McAlpine

Rev Dr Sam Chan



Andrew Laird

Sharon Cheung




Session one

Rev Dr Sam Chan

Dr Jenny George


One hour break


Session two

Steve McAlpine

Eddie Woo