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Headstart Originals: 2021

Restricted Content: Accessing what we censor

Next on Mon 2 Aug

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If your working life were a Netflix series, which one would it be? The Walking Dead? Suits? Bridgerton? Crash Landing On You? Haikyu?

If your colleague’s life were a Netflix series, which one would it be?

Headstart this year is launching its own series called HEADSTART ORIGINALS: Where Gritty Faith Is Destined To Work.

We are up to Season 3 - RESTRICTED CONTENT: Accessing what we censor. 
As Christians, we talk about many things, but there are times we don't want to dig too deeply. There are things we deep down want to tackle, but don't dare to uncover. We self-censor, raise barriers, hide. But what if there's a better way? Join us this Season as we speak what we stay silent about. Because we are convicted that the gospel offers a better way. It shines light into dark places - to free us, transform us and grow us.

  • July 12 - Married to a non-Christian: What my everyday is really like
  • July 19 - Mental Health: My burnout story
  • July 26 - *Special episode*
  • Aug 2 - Wealth: My money, my decision?
  • Aug 9 - Switching Sides: Why I really chose Jesus
  • Aug 16 - Married vs. Single: Why I secretly wish I was...

Each session we'll be interviewing two different people. We will be streaming the series throughout the year so you can binge in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is select the "join online" option to get your personalised Zoom link.

Depending on your location and state-based COVID restrictions, you may be able to watch with others. If you are in Sydney and would like to watch Headstart Originals in person, you can do so by selecting the "attend in person” option when you register.

Headstart Originals - Binge with us.

Please contact Grace Huang for further information.