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Headstart: Word 1-to-1 Session

A hands on session with Tim Chen

19 Apr 2021

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Do you long for your colleague to meet Jesus in the pages of the Bible?

At Headstart, we are a community of Christian young workers. But, we also long for more because the good news pushes us to more. We want to be a community that steps out and step into the workplace as everyday missionaries. We want to be a community who are convinced the good news can so be proclaimed that it does stick with our colleague because it is good news for all. We want to be a community who have the tools to share Jesus at work in the workplace we rock up to every Monday. 

It's because we long for more that we have this Word 1 to 1 hands on session with Tim Chen. Just like a session with a personal trainer, Tim will give you the tool, the tips and good habits so you can read the Bible with your work colleague. Why Tim? Well, because just like you, he hasn't been to Bible college, he has no theological degree, he isn't an ordained minister - instead he's a everyday worker who wants to be an everyday missionary. 

So join us for this special hands on session and help Headstart be more because the good news of Jesus invites us to long for more.

Please contact Grace Huang for further information.