Bridge Street Fellowship - 7 May 2021 | City Bible Forum Plus

Bridge Street Fellowship - 7 May 2021

Bridge Street Fellowship welcomes eminent journalist Leigh Hatcher.

7 May 2021

$20 hot breakfast

$20 hot breakfast
$ 20

$10 continental breakfast

$10 continental breakfast
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Zoom attendance

Zoom attendance

At Bridge Street Fellowship on 7th May we look forward to welcoming our next speaker, Leigh Hatcher. From the steps of parliament house to report on the Dismissal of Gough Whitlam to the Sydney Olympic Games, Leigh's 40 year career in journalism has witnessed some of our most defining moments. 

It is a very personal defining moment that Leigh will be sharing with us on Friday. Struck down as an active and healthy 42 year old with chronic fatigue, Leigh's "five year plan" came to an abrupt halt. The two year battle with the illness was a humiliating yet transformative experience that has lessons we can all reflect on. 

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