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How to host a watch party and promote it to your friends/church

for the 2021 Life@Work conference

We want to make hosting a Watch Party really easy for you (and lots of fun!) so if you sign up as a host, in addition to that providing you with your conference ticket, we’ll also provide you with a special Host Pack (more details below) in addition to the regular Conference Pack all delegates receive.

The main thing to remember is we want you to enjoy the day (while keeping COVID-safe)! Make the most of the break between sessions. We won’t be planning any activities or discussion during that hour - we want you to relax with your guests and enjoy the social time. What you eat together we'll leave to you to plan so it can be just how you like it!

Below is all you need to make for a great day. Plus watch our 60 second video below.


You will start receiving your Host Packs in the mail from mid January. Included in them is:

- Under Pressure posters
- A "tips and tricks" one-pager (electronic version)
- Conference coloured balloons to decorate your venue
- One copy of the book Under Pressure by Andrew Laird


Whether you're hosting a Watch Party in your home or church there are plenty of ways you can spread the word to your guests and invite them to register.

- Share the registration URL with them -
- Invite them via the Facebook event
- Download the conference flyer to share
- Download the conference banner to use in emails or church slides
- Share (or play during a church service) the conference trailer

Please encourage your guests or church members to select either the "Church attendee" or "Home attendee" option when they register to get a discount. If you are hosting a Church Watch Party please remind your members to fill in the "Your Church" field, so we know they are a part of your Watch Party. For Public Church Watch Party venues (see more below) they can simply select your church from a drop-down menu on the registration page.


Even though it might be easier for you to register a group for your Watch Party we are not providing group registrations for two reasons.

Firstly, so that each person can personally be sent their Conference Pack. Secondly, should COVID restrictions impact your Watch Party at the last minute we need people to have registered individually so that we can provide each person with the streaming link so that no one misses out. So can you please encourage your guests to register individually - simply select the attendee option that relates to them (Home or Church).


If you’re a church planning a watch party and are happy for others in your area to attend please let us know and we’ll add you to this page so people can connect with you, and select your church when they register. Simply email us at lifeatwork[at]citybibleforum[dot]org to let us know you'd like to be added - we want to support local churches and so hope this might be a way you can connect with new people in your area.

Prior to the conference we will send you a list of all those who have registered from your church so you know how many to expect on the day.

A reminder, each of your church members will get a Conference Pack mailed to them so you don’t have to do any printing or anything else to get them ready for the day.


Program and line-up

Keynote speakers

Eddie Woo

Dr Jenny George


Bible teaching

Steve McAlpine

Rev Dr Sam Chan



Andrew Laird

Sharon Cheung




Session one

Rev Dr Sam Chan

Dr Jenny George


One hour break


Session two

Steve McAlpine

Eddie Woo